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What is 'The Monastery'

'The Monastery' is a BBC TWO programme produced by Tiger Aspect TV, first broadcast as three one-hour episodes on Tuesdays 10th, 17th and 24th May 2005. Two hundred and fifty people responded to advertisements inviting them to spend six weeks in a monastery, living alongside the monks. The five men who were chosen had little or no experience of Catholicism or monastic life.

the five men
(From left) Anthoney, Tony, Nick, Gary and Peter
lived alongside the monks at Worth Abbey


“We saw in this project an opportunity to discover what our way of life offers to people today who do not share our beliefs,” says Abbot Christopher. “We had distinct hopes for the participants and for the viewers. For the participants, we hoped that they would discover hidden depths in life and in those hidden depths encounter God. For the viewers, we hope that they will get a glimpse of these hidden depths so that they too will want to enter more deeply into life and religion. We will be offering follow-up opportunities to viewers through the BBC web site and through events here at Worth and nationally.”


Abbot Christopher
Abbot Christopher


Fr Luke was responsible for the day-to-day care of the participants. “They all came with a generous spirit but they were surprised by how demanding community living can be, particularly learning to accept the failings of others. They took to the monastic routine very quickly, though the rules of silence were a struggle for some until the end. By the last week, however, all had experienced a major change in their approach to life and were keen to apply the lessons learnt in their everyday lives.”


  Fr Luke
Fr Luke
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