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The Monastery’ and ‘The Monastery Revisited’ is a BBC TV series first transmitted in the UK in 2005/6. The original series is still being broadcast on other networks around the world. The programme also generated a new format that has been used to make other BBC programmes such as ‘The Convent’ and ‘The Retreat’, as well as Discovery Channel’s ‘The Monastery’ in the US and ABC’s ‘The Abbey’ in Australia.

"The Monastery" can be viewed, in 18 parts, on YouTube - see HERE

The same team have filmed another production, 'The Big Silence', for transmission in Spring 2010, in which three women and two men explore silence and prayer in their busy lives. Worth Abbey is not the exclusive setting for this series; the participants experienced an eight day silent Ignatian retreat at St Beuno's Jesuit Retreat and Spirituality Centre in North Wales. They then explore silence and prayer in their everyday busy lives.

The BBC have told us that the dates of transmission are going to be Friday evenings at 19:00 - 20:00 on BBC TWO on October 22nd, 29th and November 5th, 2010.

The Open Cloister is running two special 'Finding Silence' weekend retreats for those who want to find out more for themselves about silence in their lives.
The English Jesuits have set up a special website in relation to the series at: http://www.growingintosilence.com/

The links (blue), above, will give you more information about these other programmes.


Nowadays, many of us find ourselves saying that we are too busy, that we wished there were more hours in the day. For a healthy life, we all need moments and places of sanctuary. It seems that the more labour saving devices we invent and the more time off we get, the busier we become. This is the paradox of modern life. What more and more people are finding helpful is to adopt a simple framework which includes work, prayer and rest, both on one's own and with others. You may be surprised to know that this is the rhythm that lies at the heart of monastic life … and you don't necessarily need to become a monk or nun to reap the benefits.


Following the original broadcast in 2005, many thousands of viewers contacted Worth Abbey where the original series was made. These web pages were made for them and can be accessed by clicking the navigation menu on the left. The Abbot of Worth has written two books describing what people were looking for and how the monastic tradition can help them in their search. The books are now available in different editions around the world:

UK, Australia, America
Hardback - availble from Worth Abbey and other bookshops


Following the same accessible and engaging format of Finding Sanctuary, Abbot Christopher's second book, Finding Happiness: Monastic Steps For A Fulfilling Life takes different aspects of happiness, examines them, tells us what monastic wisdom has to say about them, and offers us steps towards our own journey to finding happiness.

Abbot Christopher's second book, “Finding Happiness: Monastic Steps For A Fulfilling Life”

Some Invitations

Evening Prayer (Vespers) every Sunday lasts from 6.00 to 6.30pm. You are welcome to join the monks for Vespers on any Sunday.

Attend a residential event run by The Open Cloister at Worth Abbey.
See The Open Cloister Programme HERE.
Special weekends exploring Sanctuary and Happiness

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