Welcome To Worth Abbey.

Our vocation as monks is truly to seek God. This website offers insights into how we are responding to this call; and I hope it will encourage you in your love of God and your neighbour.

Earlier this year, I offered these thoughts to my monastic brothers:

“Thinking about our priorities in the coming year it would be easy to concentrate exclusively on what we need to do. I suggest that we focus initially on what God can do in us. My sense is that what God wants to do in us is to bring us to holiness, to humility and to hope in 2016.

As we consider our vocation and our consecration we should reflect on the call to holiness that we have received and seek to respond to His invitation more wholeheartedly.

As we consider our communion, our friendship in Christ, we should reflect that God’s gift of humility is the only basis for truly loving each other.

As we consider our commission we should pray for the gift of hope, which is central to our Christian and monastic life and full of encouragement for others.”

I pray that you will be encouraged through your contact with Worth Abbey; please pray for us.

Abbot Luke.