You are always welcome to visit Worth Abbey. The Church is open everyday, either for a moment of private prayer, or you can attend one of the monastic offices, or daily mass



Individual men may stay in the 'Monastery Guest House' and eat with the monks in the monastic refectory. This facility is not run by The Open Cloister, but by the Monastery Guestmaster

For the Day

If you would like to bring a group for a day retreat, please contact the The Booking Secretary.

Joining a group retreat

Although we are Roman Catholic, we welcome everyone - we hope to have something to offer to anyone seeking God in the uncertainties of human life. While most monasteries have a 'Monastery Guest House' in which to offer hospitality (see 'Individual Retreats for Men'), at Worth we also have an organisation called 'The Open Cloister' that offers retreats as well as hospitality to groups as well as individuals, for both men and women. There is an extensive programme of residential retreats including both weekend and midweek retreats as well as special retreats for the young and families. The retreat house is St Bruno's. All guests staying for a few days share in the monastic prayer in the church. Unlike most other "Retreat Centres", you will be coming, not just to a pleasant building, but also to share in the experience of a living, working Christian community.