The Open Cloister invites you to seek God within the peace and companionship of Worth Abbey. With its modern facilities and tranquil environment, The Open Cloister offers retreat and engagement, contemplation and challenge, solitude and companionship.


The Open Cloister is run by the monks of Worth Abbey. As a Roman Catholic Benedictine community, we live out a monastic tradition focused on the search for God in prayer and community living.

Close to the Abbey Church, The Open Cloister is the space where we share our own search for God with others who are also seeking God in their daily life. It represents our commitment to respond to the spiritual needs within our contemporary society.

Cloisters are usually ‘closed’; this one is open, in the sense that retreatants, both men and women, are invited to take up the rhythm of the monastic day, which is structured around the community’s prayer and liturgy.

If you seek a closer relationship with God, within the setting of a Roman Catholic monastic community, you are most welcome.