St Benedict founded his first monasteries and called them “ A School of the Lord’s Service”. From this the work of education had flowed naturally over many centuries with 200 Benedictine schools currently education 140,000  boys and girls on five continents. Benedict had no intention of founding a teaching order however and the school of the Lord’s service can take many forms other than that of the modern school. In recent years many monasteries have become increasingly involved in adult education. 

Yet one of Europe’s most enduring traditions of education is that of schools attached to Benedictine monasteries. At Worth, what began in 1933 as a boarding prep school for boys aged 8-13 is now an independent boarding and day school for around 600 boys and girls aged 11-18.

The School is one of the primary ways in which the monks of Worth offer evangelisation.

At present eight monks work together forming a Chaplaincy Team which, together with lay members and students forms a dynamic group promoting the Catholic / Benedictine ethos within the school. The school sets VOCATION at the centre of its priorities, and the through the Chaplaincy presents the call of Christ as the model for human life.

The Chaplaincy promotes the Benedictine Tradition – Lectio divina ( sacred reading) – Liturgical worship – Community living and service. The School meet regularly for Mass and – lectio groups are formed within houses. The Chaplaincy arranges Days of Reflection and pilgrimages – to Lourdes,  Taizé. and for staff the Camino to Compostella.