As a Monastery within the English Benedictine Congregation, there is a spiritual communion between Worth Abbey and St Augustine and the missionary monks sent by Pope Gregory the Great to bring the Gospel of Christ to these lands in 597 AD. So it is natural for us to be committed wholeheartedly to the New Evangelisation which the Church, through Pope Francis and his immediate predecessors, encourages in our present time and culture. The BBC TV series The Monastery in 2005 ( still viewable on YouTube ) led to the arrival of spiritual seekers of all kinds especially those with no active connection with the Church. Monasteries can help people reconnect with the Church offering Christian faith in a contemplative setting. The monastic life itself is a service that the monastery offers, creating a sanctuary at the service of people’s spiritual needs. We offer this service firstly through our school and parish, and to the many visitors who participate in The Open Cloister’s retreat programme. This life of communion has also prompted Worth to engage in mission work beyond the monastery, among the poor in Peru; first setting up a farm and mission in a remote area, and later in Lima a parish and health centre. Since 1990 this connection has continued through the charity Outreach Peru.