It is one of the paradoxes of monastic life that the more monks have retreated into their monasteries the more people have wanted to visit them. St Benedict said that monasteries are never without guests and that statement is as true today as it was 1,500 years ago.

Beauty seems to be one of the qualities which draw people to monasteries, and the natural beauty of Worth’s setting moves the hearts of both visitors and residents alike. Over the years the monastic community has developed ways of offering access to the beauty of Worth, so that the gardens and views are a source of inspiration for many people. In 2000 the garden south of the terrace was opened to the public as part of the Quiet Garden Movement, a national initiative welcoming people into beautiful gardens where they can rest and pray. The monks personally maintain this garden and a life size icon of the crucified Christ painted by a novice, further enriches its beauty.

Hospitality therefore, is seen as a key identification mark of Benedictine monasteries. Our monastery guest wing remains an important way of offering hospitality, where men may come and stay for a short time for rest, prayer and the experience of monastic living. To enquire please contact the monastic guestmaster.

We also welcome individuals (men and women), families or small groups to stay in Compass House which offers Bed and Breakfast and self-catering facilities on weekdays. Bermondsey Huts Camp Site offers ‘camping for softies’ in the south east corner of the Estate comprising two huts,  kitchen, WC’s showers and hot water and space for tents. To enquire please contact The Open Cloister, or phone 01342 710318